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water treatment
Treatment Equipment
On2 Engineering is at your disposal for equipment designing, manufacturing and mounting in line with technical specifications acquired for company-specific diagnostic operations.
Domestic Wastewater Treatment
On2 Engineering offers services ranging in a wide spectrum from consultancy to establishment of turn-key plants for wastewater treatment for hotels, towns, cities, virtually any size settlement.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
On2 Engineering achieves the perfect selection by establishing a previously-planned and agreed upon system under laboratory conditions and checking the quality of the system before putting it into practice as an industrial treatment facility.
Package Type Treatment
On2 Engineering manufactures highly-efficient, standardised and compact products designed for various water and wastewater treatment operations. Package units capture experience and know-how with regard to multiple practices.
Bilge Water
International transport gains more and more importance and maritime transport brings about many problems even though it is one of the common preferences as it is cheaper. One such problem is marine pollution.
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis is - in the broadest sense - a procedure of removing anion and cation from water. Reverse Osmosis units are high-level water treatment components where cutting-edge technologies are used.
Flue Gas Treatment
On2 Engineering offers services in line with affordable and problem-free solutions in flue gas treatment. A Flue Gas Treatment System is developed by the company for gases resulting in air pollution.
Filtration systems
All the equipment required by water and treatment plants and industrial facilities for procedures such as grilling, waste pressing, sand and oil separation are all available in our manufacturing spectrum.
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